True Cast, a company based in Johannesburg South Africa, manufactures quality fishing tackle and accessories. Our focus is on manufacturing leads (weights/sinkers) used by fishermen in all the facets of fishing. Our range consists of a variety of leads, springs and other accessories. Our most recent additions are Drop Shot leads and leads used by Specimen Carp Fishermen. Drop Shot and Specimen Carp Fishing are two facets in the industry showing tremendous growth and once again True Cast leads the way.

Our primary focus is to supply quality end tackle at affordable prices. You will find that our products compare well in terms of quality, if not better than imported goods. The only difference is that our products are made available at a fraction of the cost.

Tackle Shop Owners

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The new True Cast Inflatable Boat is taking South Africa by storm. This lightweight, fully collapsible inflatable is perfect for bass fishing from small dams to your bigger private dams as well as carp fishing from the smallest to the biggest dam in South Africa.

The boat with all it's accessories fits into the boot of most medium-sized cars.

"My True Cast inflatable added a whole new dimension to my fishing. I will never go fishing without my True Cast boat again..."  - André Dicks.


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